Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fort Collins (cont'd)

Well, we're still here. We keep adding days onto our stay. It's a nice area to explore and we like Heron Lake RV Park where we're staying. They have an ice cream sundae bar in their store where you can make your own sundae for only $1.49. Ok, so maybe thats not the only reason why we keep extending our stay, but it sure is one of them! The first several days we were here was during the heat wave, so we didn't get out as much as we liked. But that gave us some opportunity to tour some of the local towns. We like getting on our bikes and using the bike paths that meander through Ft Collins and Loveland to see the area. And the sunsets here have been phenomenol.

We also took a bike ride in Lory State Park. Lory sits west of the Horsetooth Reservoir, so you are flanked on one side by the red-rock encircled reservoir and on the other by foothills. A very neat place with multi-use trails in the valley. On the reservoir people boat and scuba dive. We saw an article saying the viz was only about a foot, but people do it. It would've been nice to kayak around and explore the different coves.
On one of our driving tours, we came across a field filled with elk. We hadn't seen many with antlers up to this point, and this guy was sporting an impressive rack:

Tomorrow we're heading to Ft Robinson in Nebraska. Nebraska will be Andy's 50th state. He and his brothers, Jimmy and Chris, have a competition going on who could visit all 50 states first. Granted, he's had an unfair advantage this past year and a half, but to his defense he is the youngest so they've had more years to do it. So sorry Jimmy and Chris, you guys are about to LOSE! ;)


At 9:51 PM , Glenn said...

"and this guy was sporting an impressive rack"

Well it's nice to see that even Diane appreciates an impressive rack. :)

Amazing sunset btw. Glad to see you guys are having a great time!


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