Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Independence, MO to Strasburg, CO

We almost decided to stay in Independence an extra night to do some tours and check out Kansas City (the "City of Fountains"), but our campsite was already reserved. So instead of moving to another campsite for one night, we just went with the flow and moved on as planned. But prior to leaving we did visit President Harry S. Truman's Home and had an early lunch at the historical Clinton's Soda Fountain. Harry's first job as a young boy was working the counter at Clinton's.

Since leaving Independence, MO we have driven about 600 miles in two days. We're currently in Strasburg, CO which is about 35 miles east of Denver. Current elevation is 5,381 - over one mile high. But we haven't seen any mountains yet. Eastern CO looks pretty much like Kansas, except for the long steady climb to get to this elevation.

We got an email from some of our fellow Mammoth Cave spelunkers. Two of them got their pictures posted on a different website. Check it out at: http://www.cave.actionfit.com/. There are some really good ones that show how tight some of our holes and tunnels were. Well, enjoy!


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