Friday, July 08, 2005

Indiana and Illinois

Sometimes RVing is unsettling when you're constantly moving and you have a hard time remembering where you are let alone where you were. In Louisville, we were on the Ohio River which separates Kentucky from Indiana. Yesterday we were in New Harmony, IN on the Wabash River separating Indiana from Illinois. Today we are in E. St. Louis, IL on the Mississippi River across the water from Missouri. Now, who's on first?

Harmonie State Park, IN was another beautiful State Park with large campsites and big trees. We went for a bike ride one day to check out the boat launch on the Wabash, but didn't realize how large the park was. Twelve miles later we arrived back at our campsite. Aaah, hills...being from Florida we forget that they exist. Our full day in the park we decided we needed some real exercise and went for a run in the morning. Trail-running is so different from running on pavement. I can't do my "Diane-Shuffle". Having to pick up my knees and heels to avoid trail hazards wears me out so much faster, but I still find it more peaceful than running on asphalt with cars. Afterwards we went and soaked in the Olympic-size pool. Normally I don't pay any attention to water-slides, but the one that they had here was a lot of fun. We tried to get a few laps in at the pool, but the human obstacles made it a little difficult. It was a great day to hang out at a pool - hot and sunny.
We also visited the historic town of New Harmony which was immaculately maintained. The log cabins from the 1800's, the red-brick storefronts, the lovingly painted Victorian homes were all in great condition. The gardens, both private and public, added color and a sense of serentity to this quaint town. Worth a visit. We should've done the historic tour to learn more about the founders of this town and their culture.

We arrived in E. St Louis, IL this afternoon. After two weeks of not finding a laundromat, we needed a private RV park. The nice thing about this campground is that we can see the St Louis Arch from our RV.
We plan on touring it tomorrow. The light-rail train is accessible from the RV park, so we plan on hopping on that to tour around. Talk to you more tomorrow!


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