Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Little Confession

Andy says I need to explain the 'other' reason why we are hanging around Colorado. Remember in a previous post I said that we turned around from northern Nebraska because of the Sturgis Bike Rally and his father's health, right? Well, there's a third reason we turned around. I've been suffering from an infection that antibiotics won't kick and we needed to be in an area that offered some decent medical facilities. I'm not even sure if everyone even knows this (considering it's not normal dinner conversation), but 18 years ago I had surgery performed to correct an underbite. This involved breaking my jaws, resetting them, and inserting cheek implants to add structure back to my face. It appears that the infection is located in the porous implant which is why antibiotics can't eliminate it. The final course of action will be to remove the implant(s). My original surgery date of Aug 25th was postponed in order to finish the antibiotics, receive my operative reports (no small feat from 18yrs ago), and for the surgeon here to consult with some specialists on this procedure and the product used in my case. I've learned that cheek implants are very rare. Aren't I special?! We'll know more specifics after my next appointment this Thursday.

I hope this explains to everyone why I didn't remain in Philly with Andy and his mom for the second week. And, why we can't seem to find our way out of this beautiful state, let alone the Denver-Ft. Collins area specifically. In the meantime we've tried to stay busy and toured more of the area. I hope all future blogs will be fun, travel-related entries. Cuz I know that's what you would rather be reading...and what I would prefer to be writing.

Wish me luck!


At 12:04 PM , Jim said...

Good Luck.
And here all this time I thought your face was naturally beautiful.
Fake! ;^)


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