Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina's Dogs

My girlfriend, Melissa, is a huge advocate of dogs (& cats). She runs two companies Animal Matters and Mutt, Inc that helps to rescue mistreated dogs, organizes foster homes for these animals, helps them to get adopted, and promotes spaying & neutering, just to mention a few of her responsibilities. So I wasn't that surprised when her and another cohort took a Uhaul to Tallahasssee to rescue some of the dogs left behind in the wake of Katrina.

On the way north, their Uhaul was filled with emergency supplies to leave in the area and on the way south they brought back 24 dogs who were legally surrendered by the victims. These 24 dogs are free and clear for adoptions...so take a look at this page to see if you fall in love with one (or more) of them! Or, if you have been wanting to make a donation to the victims of Katrina, I'm sure the previous owners would be happy knowing their pets were cared for, housed, bathed, and fed. RRH is accepting donations to help feed these dogs while they are being adopted out, go to their homepage for more info.

I personally like Foxy Cleopatra (her coloring is so unique) and 3-mos old Oliver is a cutie and...oh well it's either Andy or a dog...tough decisions...I am having a hard time, though, imagining who in South Florida will adopt the Coondog. A Coondog on SoBe; A Coondog in a Pompano Beach Condo; but I am confident that Melissa and Jamie will find the right home for him! Good Luck guys!

I'm so proud of you Melissa!


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