Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Friends

We were fortunate to make friends here during our long stay at Heron Lake RV Park. Below are Dave, Marilyn, Roger, and Chris with Jordan sitting on the ground.

We first met Dave and Marilyn because they were parked nearby with their Toad, a Honda Element, which was our conversation starter. They also carry two bikes inside their Element, but Dave's home-built bike rack is a little more sophisticated than ours! Chris, Marilyn's sister, and Roger came a little later to visit during the Labor Day weekend and stayed in the site next door to us.

One day, Dave rented a recumbent bike to try it out. Here's Marilyn and Dave trying to help Andy on his test drive:

It cracked me up to see them holding Andy's bike, like he was a little kid just learning to ride without his training wheels!

We enjoyed chatting with them, and the place feels so empty and lonely now that they have both moved on. Hope to see you all again down the road! Thanks again for your kindness regarding my surgery!


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