Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Quick Update on "The Face"

Just a quick update on my face: surgery has been rescheduled for this Thursday, Sept 8th. I'm putting a lot of trust in my surgeon, since it is now "exploratory". He's going in (through the mouth) with the hope of finding loose screws or plates. He'll remove any hardware that is easy to remove. He'll investigate the implant, which we now have learned is an "infraorbital" implant not a "cheek" implant. This places it above the cheek, and below the eye. If he has to remove the implant, he may choose to go through the eyelid. If aesthetically necessary, he'll remove the left one as well. I'm expecting to be black and blue and swollen for awhile (so that means, no close-ups of me will be posted on the blog for some time) and confined to "quiet time" for one week.

I may have to teach Andy how to post to the blog (finally!) so he can keep you informed of his travels and the fun he says he's going to have without me. Little does he know, it is quite lonely hiking and playing by oneself - I learned that on my solo week.

I'm thinking that doing it on the 8th will be good luck since it's my girlfriend's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!


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