Monday, September 19, 2005

Rocky Mtn Sustainable Living Fair

We enjoyed our weekend at the Sustainable Living Fair. We took classes on solar energy, sustainable businesses, wellness, green building, and the like. I took advantage of two building workshops. In one I learned how to strip the bark off of pine trees in order to use the logs as roofing for an open-air shade structure. All wood was either from thinnings from a forest restoration or recycled wood. In another workshop, I helped build a wind turbine. I helped shape the blades and prepare & paint parts for final assembly. The wind turbine was auctioned off for $1,000 at the end of the fair. There were about 100 exhibit booths to visit, keynote speakers to listen to, food to eat, beer to drink, bands to hear, four classes a day, 3 weekend-long workshops, and then wellness booths including free chiropractors/accupuncturists/massage. It was too much! Too much to do for the time alloted that is. The bike valet (yes, I said Bike Valet) closed shop at 6:00pm, so we had to get our bikes and make the decision to stay and lock 'em up or head home. Usually at that point we were too exhausted to stay any longer anyhow. Two very long days for me, especially - no time for my naps and way too much talking. But it was fun and educational. Now we just have to read all the literature we picked up...


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