Friday, October 28, 2005

Colorado Springs - N. Cheyenne Canon Park

This pretty little regional park offers lots of hiking and biking trails. As the name states, it's in a canyon so most trails go "up". We hiked to the top of Mt Cutler. It was a short trail, only 1.1 miles each way. But the views of Colorado Springs, the canyon, and Seven Falls made it a pretty little trail. Lots of trees and pink granite boulders.

After that hike, we drove further into the canyon and stopped to see both the Helen Hunt (not the actress from Twister-fame) Falls and Silver Cascade Falls.

From there we continued the drive out of the canyon via Gold Camp Road. Several miles of this road are dirt and although it is two-way traffic, it is basically a one-lane road. It used to be an old rail line converted into a road. Now here's the neat thing - it was the old Shortline Rail - you know it from Monopoly! Cool, huh? There were two tunnels to drive through, and several of the outside corners were blown out of the rock to create the space for the rail line. It reminded me of the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Train we took last year.


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