Monday, October 24, 2005

Colorado Springs - Olympic Training Complex

Sunday was another cold and wet day. We had planned on taking the cog railway up Pikes Peak, but we were just fogged in. So we toured downtown and visited the Olympic Training Complex. Unfortunately Sundays are limited to self-guided tours with no access to the buildings. Oh well, if we come back, we'll do a full tour next time. Just visiting the center gets you into the spirit of the Olympics. They offer information on all the medal-winners of years past and on all of the different sports. You also learn about the current athletes-in-residence - these are the athletes currently living at the complex in Colorado Springs and training there. We were able to peek into the windows for the pool. We've never seen a swimming pool look so intimidating - it looked like it was a mile long!

Well, get ready for the next Winter Olympics! Coming soon in Torino, Italy.


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