Friday, October 14, 2005

Dickinson, ND

Sunday, the day we arrived in Dickinson, was like any northern winter Sunday. The horizon was indistinguishable between the white snow on the ground and the winter-white sky. It was 40 degrees and damp. Not much to do but curl up on the sofa and watch football.

Monday morning we awoke to fog so thick we couldn't see out of the campground. According to the soothing voice of NOAA (Nat'l Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), the fog was going to lift in the early afternoon. Instead, by lunchtime the visibility worsened. So we started to look around for some indoor-fun. And we found it! The town's Community Center had it all - a swimming pool with slides and a lazy river, a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, a lap pool, a fitness center, exercise classes, and an indoor track. We spent about three hours there swimming laps, playing in the pool and running laps. Wish we had more energy...we would've tried the rock climbing wall. We've found a couple of small towns have these community centers which are more comparable to a Bally's than a YMCA. And for $4-$6/day, you just can't beat it.


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