Friday, October 07, 2005

Spearfish, SD - Snowed In!

Well, the first snowfall of the year was a “blizzard”. Tuesday started with rain, then sleet and finally towards the evening it changed to snow. By Wednesday morning we had 7 1/2”, according to Andy’s unscientific means of measuring. It was beautiful. We got up early and took a walk around the campground. The sad thing was that there were so many deciduous trees that were still full of leaves: yellows, reds, and some still green. Now that the leaves were covered in ice and snow, many of the trees had bent over in half or snapped from the weight. Many trees lost branches or came down completely; some had branches peel off from every side so they looked like a peeled-banana. It looked like a hurricane had come through. One large tree branch fell on the power line bringing down two telephone poles. And, even though several RVs and cars had branches on them, it didn’t appear anyone suffered damage in the campground. Several locals said it wasn’t surprising to get snow this early in October, but never this much. After breakfast we tried to help out by going around the campground and shaking ice and snow off of trees to prevent them from snapping. We could still hear the “craaacck” of trees breaking as we worked. Hopefully we did some good. It’s a beautiful city campground with the Spearfish Creek running through it and a paved pathway for walkers and bikers, deer and ducks share the campground with us, and tons of these deciduous trees (birches, maples, and oaks, and more). We didn’t want them to lose more than they had to. Here are some winter wonderland pictures:
Not often do we see a campground looking like this
The bike path was closed in several areas from fallen trees
The Mallard Ducks don't seem to mind though
Here's one of the young maple trees we saved
Someone wasn't ready for the storm

Who's ready to go kayaking???


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