Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We're driving in circles!

We've been doing loopdy-loops! We're starting to get dizzy with all the circles we've been driving in! Last year our goal was not to backtrack on any roads. This year we couldn't avoid it. From Colorado to Nebraska back to Colorado, a day-trip to Cheyenne, back up through Wyoming into South Dakota then on to North Dakota, then down through South Dakota and Wyoming back into Colorado. Most of this on the same roads because there was no better way. If you look at the new Map on our website you'll see it's just a big smudge from Colorado to North Dakota from all of the trips within a small area. Oh well. At least we're back in Colorado again and the weather has been a puuurrrfect 70's and sunny for the last five days. Yes, I've been so content I'm purring!


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