Sunday, November 13, 2005

Capulin Volcanoe Nat'l Monument

We did it again! We stopped for a “detour” along a drive. We’ve definitely changed our behavior on this trip. On the road to Amarillo, TX we stopped to tour Capulin Volcano, which is in the north-east corner of New Mexico (near Raton). It’s the only volcano where you can walk down into the cone. There’s also a one-mile trail that takes you along the rim for a slow 360-degree view of the surrounding area. Around Capulin are several other smaller cones and mud holes. You can also see the old lava flows – where it rippled, and where the edge of the flow stopped. Oddly, this old volcano is covered in plant life – gamble oaks, pines, and wildflowers (although none were blooming during our visit), where most remain bare. It was a worthy stop, and another checkmark on our list of National 'Parks'.
A view inside the crater; the black stones in the middle are large volcanic rocks:


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