Sunday, November 13, 2005

Copper Breaks State Park - TX

We really like Texas State Parks. We've found the ones we've visited to be beautiful, well-maintained, and with Texas-sized campsites. So we were saddened to find that budget-cuts are causing several to severly cut back hours or even close for the winter. We're just making it under the wire with Copper Breaks, which is scheduled to close on the 15th for several months. We only spent one night here...alone. No other campers in the entire state park. So that explains why Ranger Rick (yes, really his name) was so excited to see us and that we had mountain bikes with us. He has proudly maintained the trails and trail signs and wanted to see them put to use. Copper Breaks is small at 1900 acres, compared to Caprock and Palo Duro which run about 15,000 acres. But the hiking/biking trails were nice and so-well marked - Ranger Rick even posted warning signs with triple-arrows pointing down to forewarn you of ledges or drops requiring you to get off your bike, pick it up, and carry it. Those 4' drops weren't something you wanted to accidentally ride off of. This state park also manages a herd of Texas Long Horns. If we stayed an extra day we could've seen them as the park was offering a program on the herd. But we wanted to get close to Dallas for the weekend - Andy has an old friend from Glidden we were trying to contact for a visit.


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