Friday, November 18, 2005

Eisenhower State Park - TX

Dwight D. Eisenhower was born here in Denison, TX. We toured his birthplace which was a nice wooden-slat home, but it was just feet away from the train tracks. Don't think I could ever live there more than one night. This was also the first guided tour, in our recollection, that we would have to say was "bad". The nice volunteer guide focused so much on the workings of the antique kitchen gadgets that we forgot where we were. I don't think she mentioned Ike's name but once. I would like to believe it was her first day as tour guide.

Eisenhower State Park rested on top of the bluffs of Lake Texoma, a large lake with a surface area of 89,000 acres. Prior to arriving we had thought we would kayak on the lake when we got here because it has lots of fingers and coves and the shores are lined with limestone bluffs. But on our second day the winds came roaring in at 30mph and created white caps and sent the surf crashing into the bluffs. Not very inviting. So we walked some of the trails and just relaxed...all bundled up inside the RV to stay warm.


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