Monday, November 21, 2005

Travel Challenge

Since our trip for 2005 is starting to wind down, I was curious as to how our two years compared on our "list-making". As you may already know, we like to 'collect' things. For example, we make note of new states (we put state stickers on the RV), how many National Park sites we visit (we checklist the NPS Owner's Manual we have), and state capitols (we put stars on our RV Sticker Map). And, of course, since we love to make everything a competition I decided to make a game of it and open it up to all of you (friends, family, and fellow RVers) go to our website and Take the Travel Challenge! Ha! You can click on Comments below and tell us how your numbers compare...or if there's a different category we should be "collecting".

And may the best traveler win!

Actually, I'm worried that my sister, Karen, is going to enter with "Number of Far East Countries Visited"...which, to my knowledge she'll win since she's been to Vietnam and everywhere (any you haven't been to?). I'll have to think of how I'll get the RV over there...hhhmmmmm....


At 7:25 PM , Jim said...

I'll put Marilyn up against your sister for travel.
I have more states than you, D. Are you limiting dates for Capitol visits? Austin.


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