Sunday, November 13, 2005

Trinidad, CO

Sorry it's been awhile...didn't have many services (no internet or phone) in the past week...

We spent a few nights at Trinidad Lake State Park. We were one of three occupied campsites, so there was plenty of space and it was very quiet. There were several hiking trails that ran through junipers and pines with views of Fisher’s Peak and the lake. It felt good to be back in a natural state park. Our first day there was so warm we were actually able to sit out that night and have a fire. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t “warm” at night, but perfect for a fire. It had been so cold out at night that we haven’t been taking advantage of these wonderful, dark western skies. So, we sat outside next to our campfire and stared at the stars.

One morning we took a scenic drive along Highway 12 up towards Cuchara Pass. If you take this drive, I’d recommend picking up one of the informational brochures. The history in this area is very interesting. You look at the old buildings a little differently when you understand more about the people and the time. Coal mining was huge in this area, too, so the brochure explained some of the structures we passed. Such as these coking ovens.

We walked around town a little bit. Main Street was all dug up and the road was under construction. We were expecting more shops from the brochures we had read. A little disappointed in the town, but there is so much potential. The buildings are wonderfully old with detailed fronts and several of the streets were pavered, adding to the charm. Just wished it had more shops and galleries to stroll through…and a microbrewery.


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