Sunday, November 20, 2005

Troy, AL

Saturday was another long driving day - about 330 miles. These back-to-back long drives are mind-numbing killers. It starts to feel like you never got out of the cab because your mind and body just lapses back into this dull routine. We would've stopped sooner on the drive but couldn't find a town we felt was worth stopping in, so we just kept going. It's funny how in some places you only want to drive a few miles at a time since there's so much to see and do (like the Oregon Coast or the state of Colorado); and then there's other places where nothing seems to appeal to you at all. Part of this is ignorance (not knowing enough about the places you're driving through), and part of this is mind-set since we know we have to be home by a certain time we have to make some distance. Either way, our bodies are absolutely cramped and achy and I don't know how truckers can do this for a living.

So why did we stop in Troy, AL you might ask? Well, they allow RV washing, they accepted our mail packages, and they have free WIFI. It's a decent little RV park that is a way-station for us to get things done that need to be done. That's it. We'll leave Monday or Tuesday depending on what time our FedEx package arrives. Our plan is to be at Okefenokee Swamp (GA) for Thanksgiving. This will be our first T-Giving without family in many years. It's kinda sad...but how many people can say they spent their Thanksgiving in a swamp? Plans may change if we actually get there early, but being Thanksgiving many campgrounds do fill up for the long weekend so reservations are required whereever we go.


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