Friday, November 18, 2005

Tyler State Park - TX

We only spent one night here, but this is another TX State Park that would be worth a revisit. This park is popular for mountain biking and since we came this far, we were determined to ride...even if it was only 49 degrees. So we layered on the leggings and multiple shirts and ear warmers just to get out onto the trails. The loop trails are labeled quite simply...EZ, A, B, C and D. With the difficulty levels increasing in that order, too. After talking with the ranger and seeing the number of medical evacuation zones, we decided not to attempt Loop D. The trails were fun and we really enjoyed riding them, and the park road. The park road had warning signs posted for cyclists due to the grade and length of one of the hills. Boy, are we going to miss these eye-watering bike rides when we get back to Florida! Since we were only spending one night, we got a pull-thru site and never detached Ele. So the only way to tour the park was on our bikes. What a pretty place, with lots of trees and this little lake as the centerpiece...


At 11:11 PM , Jim said...

You are keeping such a nice blog. Chris says she is proud of you. Too bad we couldn't see you this trip. The desert is dry-er this year. Casa Grande is warm during the day and cool nights. No kayaking today.


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