Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our First Overnight Guest

My sister, Karen, came to visit for a few days. She was officially our first overnight guest! Living in Florida usually means lots of guests! We have started to take reservations for the next several months - it's starting to feel like "home" again! Ha!

We showed my sister around the area by bike tour. First, we showed her the beautiful waterways...

then continued on to the beach at the end of our street...

then we biked around some of the neighborhoods just to check out the mansions on the waterways and the cute 'old Florida' homes still sprinkled about.

On another day, we went down to Anne Kolb park and Nature Center. I hadn't been here in years and forgot how pretty it was with the boardwalks through the mangroves. We were fortunate enough to catch several ospreys in their hunt for fish.

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself - it's February and I'm in shorts and I've already been through a snowstorm months ago half-way across the country. We're glad to be home and enjoying the gorgeous weather down here...but we're already starting to get the itch to travel again! I guess some of us are terminally ill with the travel bug, huh?


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