Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jennifer and Aquiles

Our first wave of guests arrived on February 25th. And nothing is worse than picking up a friend at the airport with the greeting "Don't hug me! I'm sick!". But we had Aquiles well within 24 hours of breathing fresh, warm air. After a record-breaking 46 days of cold rain in Portland, it was no wonder he arrived sick with a cold.

The day after their arrival, we were blessed with being able to throw together an impromptu mini-reunion of sorts. We had Laura and Bob down from Melbourne, Melissa and Scott down from Boca, and Patty (an old college friend of Jen's) just lives about 2 miles away now. Who knew we could fit so many people in our condo? It was a great time for all of us to catch up on eachother's lives.

Jen and Aquiles came to Florida with one goal in sit in the warm sun and get some color. I was going to quote Jen by saying "on their white, pasty skin", but I knew she'd get mad at me! Sorry girlfriend!

So, we hung out on the pool deck. Swimming in the pool and soaking in the jacuzzi...
Here's a view from our pool deck. Life's not bad when you can do a wave-check from the roof of your building! In this picture you can follow the New River out to the canals and on to the ocean.
We went to the beach. Jen and I were relieved to have the two boys off playing with eachother. This gave us girls time just to relax and read for a change. Their bocci game took them down the beach quite aways before they turned around and headed back north. Something tells me they did more than just concentrate on their game...

And they played nerf football in the ocean...

Aquiles even dared to go snorkeling. The water is currently a chilly 72-degrees. Hey! Remember, we're Floridians!

Jen and Aquiles also went down to the Keys for a few days to walk Duval Street in Key West and do some of the other things Jen loved to do when she used to live down here in the sunny corner of the country.

Unfortunately, they flew back into cold and rain, calling us the next day to cry that Mt Hood was seeing blizzard conditions. We keep reminding them that the condo across the hall is for sale....hmmmm, will they buy?


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