Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The O'Tormey Girls

Our second wave of guests were the O'Tormey Girls - Carol (Andy's sister), Rosemary, and Stephanie (Carol's two daughters). Now, they flew in Friday and Jen didn't leave til Saturday, causing our first two waves to overlap...Then Andy's mom joined us on Monday, before Carol and Steph left on Tues (overlapping waves 2 and 3). But believe me, there were no complaints...everything was great and we enjoyed having so much love and friendship in our home. We were even able to get our nephew Nick to come and visit from Miami. He spent one night with us as well.

Since Carol and Steph were only here for a few days, it was important to get them relaxed and mellow before sending them home. So we hung out at the pool, sat in the jacuzzi, went to the beach, walked along Riverwalk, shopped Las Olas and the outdoor Arts Festival, and hit the Riverwalk Jazz Brunch.
We also took a cruise boat along the New River and saw where all of the rich and famous live - you'd know them: the CEOs of Taco Bell, Dell, Sunglass Hut, Izod, Firestone; Wayne Huizenga, old movie stars; and so many more.

Walking Riverwalk at night shows the city in a whole different light.

We also took Rosie and Mom to see King Tut which is on display at our Museum of Art, which is a nice 2-block walk away. We got the audio tapes, which provided a lot more information than we would've gotten without. We were impressed with the number of items that were in great shape - especially considering their about 3300-3500 years old.

What else did we do? Oh, that's right, we took Rosie over to Himmarshee several nights to show her the "cool scene" in downtown Ft Lauderdale. Whoa, we're not used to doing that several nights in a row! But every once in awhile it is important NOT to act your age! Ha! But I'm not sure if Rosie is invited back after referring to Andy as the "creepy old guy". So what if most of the people in the bars were in their 20's???

We had a great time with all of our company, and we believe they did too. We now have a little reprieve. We may take advantage of it by taking Spirit out for a mini-vacation. We'll call it a "maintenance trip"...well, there's some truth in that - we have to run the generator, and burn up some of the gas, and...


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