Monday, April 24, 2006

Kayak + Scuba = KAYUBA

Kayak-Diving is a wonderful activity. Not only does it combine two of our favorite activities, but for those of us who are navigationally-challenged, it does make it more fun when we can just drag our "boat" with us.

Well, we had a gorgeous day last week for diving. A handful of our friends from Kayuba, our scuba-diving club, got to go out and enjoy the flat ocean. Well, it was flat when we started out, but the winds turned as forecasted and gave us a little chop (and a push) on the way back in. But we still figure that there is no better place in the country for this sport. Our reef is a close 1/2 mile offshore. Visibility was about 70 feet. The water was so calm and clear we could see the bottom 30' below from our kayaks. During the dive, Andy and I saw a little bit of everything - an eel, a stingray, an abundance of tropical fish - angelfish, trumpetfish, pufferfish, etc., 3 lobsters, and I also saw four flamingo tongues (which are a beautiful, pink, spotted type of snail). Flamingo Tongues are one of my favorite finds and I look for them on every dive. To see one and learn a little about them, click here.

To see some pictures of our morning, you'll need to go to Jim and Chris' blog. Jim and Chris are our friends who sold their home 2 years ago and are now full-timing in their RV. They're starting to make it a habit to come "home" for part of the summer so they can dive. Who can blame them?


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