Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chihuly at Fairchild Gardens

I had been talking for months about going to Miami to tour Fairchild Gardens' Chihuly exhibit. I knew it would be incredible. Well we finally drove down there last Wednesday, May 31st - the last day of the exhibit. Nothing like waiting to the last minute! I had originally hoped to do the evening show when they lit up his glasswork, but agreed that the last evening of the exhibit would've probably been too crowded for my crowd-aphobia. So we went during the day...mid afternoon...heat & humidity...we have forgotten how hot our summers can be. But it was worth it. The gardens themselves are beautiful and worth the trip, but the Chihuly glassworks were woven into the scenery creating a treasure-hunt atmosphere to try and find them all. The were hidden in bushes, floating on the lakes, hanging from trees, poking up out of the desert-scenes like cacti themselves. Very fun.

There were others that couldn't be hidden...they were almost two stories tall!

Here are just a few of the pictures from our day:

But I still think this one is my favorite:


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