Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just Couldn't Tri

Our third Tri of the summer was on July 15th. Well, it was...we didn't.

After having bounced back and forth from the East coast to the West 3 times in a month, not only was I jet-lagged beyond belief but without having worked out in the month, I just wasn't ready. Actually, I seriously thought I would've hurt myself. So, we bailed on our friend Melissa. Cancelling on a Triathlon, let alone this one (it's only about 3 miles from our house, it's the shortest, and it was the first one I've done) really hurt us. What made it worse was that we went to the race to cheer Melissa on. Triathlons are definitely more fun when you're racing in one!

We'd still like to get at least one more in this season...but I guess that means I better start working out again.


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