Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Salt Lake City, UT

Our trip to SLC was for business. Some of you may be chuckling since you know we haven't worked in 2 1/2 years, but I'm serious. Andy and I had been researching potential new businesses when this opportunity came up. So, instead of getting a brick and mortar business, we've decided to learn to invest, or trade, in stocks and options. We had started our education (with a company called Investools) back in late April. Part of the process includes traveling to classes. The trip to Salt Lake was for a three-day intensive "boot camp". But Utah is a beautiful state, so we did have to spend some time exploring the area.

We were staying in Sandy, UT which is just south of SLC. The Wasatch mountain range runs along the eastern side of the city and its connected 'burbs. Our first impression of these mountains wasn't to ooh and aah over them. They looked brown and desert-like. But we've learned before how important it is to get up close to experience nature.

Our first day there was a free day. We went up into Big Cottonwood Canyon which ends at two ski resorts. We drove to the end and took a hike near Brighton Ski Resort. The canyon was gorgeous and took us by surprise. There were green trees and they were many and tall. Here are just a few pictures from this day's hike. And, yes, we were hiking in snow in July...in sleeveless shirts and shorts.

One night after class we drove to the edge of town to check out this waterfall. It was only about a half-mile off the road. I love finding beautiful spots just off the main road. A great spot to take a mental break. I could tell by the small crowd that I wasn't the only one who thought so.

And here's Lance and Nancy, a couple we met in class. We all took a drive up into Small Cottonwood Canyon on our last night in town. They almost had us talked into doing the Alpine Slide and/or the Zip Line at the ski resort at the top of this canyon. Next time guys!
Instead we chose to take a short hike and enjoy the wildflowers that were covering the hillsides.

I do love Utah. We'd explored the southern half back in 2001, but this was the first time we got to spend any time around SLC. Wish we had more time, though. There definitely was more we could've seen. We'll just have to come back...


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