Sunday, August 13, 2006

Boston, Mass

Boston is a beautiful city. I just love the contrast between the old and the new. Brick buildings from the 1800's sit next to gleaming glass highrises. It's a great walking city, but DO NOT drive in Boston. The city is a series of one-way streets that wind around in any old direction, and most go underground for some distance at some point (or so it seems), with crazy interchanges in these tunnels buried beneath buildings, oh, and the traffic! We won't even mention the Big Dig, since it was still closed. At least we didn't have to make any conscious choice about whether to use it or not. Anyway, we only had a few hours before our flight back home to tour some of the city. Andy had never been to Boston before and, unfortunately, we didn't plan on any extra days this trip. Even prior to Thursday's terrorist bombing attempt in London, we tried to change our flights. Of course, after Thursday's news, we tried twice more to see if we could delay our trip. I thought we'd be doing them a favor by delaying our departure so they could get some control over the chaos we were seeing on the news. They said we could delay our flight...for a fee.

Before we left town on Friday, we parked at Boston Commons and just got lost from there. Here are some of the sites along our meanderings:

This has to be the best name for an Irish Pub that we've ever seen! If you haven't already seen the movie, Waking Ned Devine, it's time to rent it.

But what I remember most about a previous business trip to Boston (years ago) was the Charles River and all of the little sailboats. I just loved walking the park that runs along the river. What a beautiful sight.
P.S. Our Investor Education class was wonderful. Two days of packed-solid information. The most important piece of information was how to turn a bad trade into a good one. We needed that back in May when we started trading with real money! Ha! Now we just have to put all of this new information into practice...


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