Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Keep the Rubber Side Down"

This is like saying "break a leg" to an actor, but instead you say "Keep the rubber side down" (meaning: keep your wheels on the pavement) to an RVer. Well, our friends Jim and Chris were leaving South Florida (again) in their RV. They visit their old hometown during the summer so they can do some scuba-diving.

We had wanted to have them over since they arrived, ahem, two months ago, but who knows where our time goes. So, the night before they were driving out of town we had them over with some other Kayuba friends for a little farewell party. Here's our friends making themselves comfortable in our clubroom.
In order, left to right: Glenn, Marilyn, Dick, Geri, Andy, Chris and Jim

I still think about Marilyn's comment as we were all hanging out in our condo drinking wine...she pointed out that we had "5 decades" in the room. Some of us were in our 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's. But who thinks about these things when you have so much in common? We like to scuba dive, kayak, travel, RV, own our own businesses, and more. Isn't that what makes friendships?

Well, here's to Chris and Jim finding their way safely across America. And to us catching up to them (again) someday soon!


At 3:40 AM , Chris said...

A great night, and a great picture. Thanx so much for gathering the 5 generations together. See you on the road!


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