Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Our friend Glenn came to visit us in White Springs for the weekend. He was our first "overnight" guest. He didn't actually stay with us in the RV, though. He brought with him all of his new camping gear and camped out in the tent area of Kelly's RV Park. It was his first experience in cold-weather camping. Friday night was aroud 38 degrees, and Saturday night dropped to 30. Good thing we didn't have to chisel him out of his sleeping bag. We just lured him into our RV for some hot coffee instead.

We took him on the hike to Big Shoals:

We paddled the Suwannee River. This time we set up a shuttle system with both of our cars so we could paddle further. Some of the karst formations reminded me of the hoo-doos from out west.
There was also lots of interesting cypress tree trunks.
This area proved to be a narrow paddle. We went single file. But at least it had enough water. Other areas were so low that we had to portage. At least Glenn had waterproof socks on, and waterproof pants, and waterproof gloves. What did we have on? Our bathing suits. Not very nice of you Glenn to outgear us!

Then we took him mountain biking on Sunday. We did one lap through Gar Pond and one lap through Swift Creek. We would've loved to have tried the trails at Big Shoals, but we didn't know if they were advanced or not. Glenn hadn't been on his mountain bike in a year, so we didn't want to get too technical. Not to mention that I'm not capable...

It was about this point that I think Glenn started to lose faith in our ability to be "trail leaders". Or at least our ability to remember the trail details. He asked us how much more of the "Rollercoasters" section there was, and I told him I thought we were at the river, so it was done. Not quite so. We had several more hills. Then he'd ask us how much further on the singletrack. And we said, "oh not that far". Not quite accurate on that either. Note: I'm leaving out some of his expletives on that last question. Needless to say, when we tried to pursuade him to take another trail to get back to the campground and I described it as "direct", he was smart to say no. I had again forgotten how many hills and twists and turns there were. Oh, well. That's what happens when you've only done a trail twice before. Sorry Glenn!

I still think he had fun, eventhough he wasn't expecting us to suck him into our weekend-warrior mentality. We did have some downtime - hanging around the fire ring at night, we played a little pool, watched some football, and just caught up on life.

If you want to read about Glenn's Version of his weekend, you can click on the link and go to his blog.



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