Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jacksonville, FL

It's always strange to go home again. We lived in Jacksonville back in the early 1990's and hadn't been back much since. Maybe once or twice in all these years. Our friend Glenn now lives here, and on the same road we used to live on. We came to spend a few more days visiting with him. We stayed at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. Unfortunately we didn't have the time or cooperating weather to do some of the things we would've loved to do on this visit. We would've loved to have tried out their network of off-road biking trails; and enjoyed the beach; and enjoyed the beautiful setting. We had a great site - with a view of the lake. But when we were at the RV it was too damp and chilly to sit out and enjoy it. I should mention that this city park borders Mayport Naval Station. So, occasionally there'd be planes or helicopters flying overhead, but for some reason it is cool when they're doing military maneuvers, and just plain ole noisy if its private/commercial planes.

We did, however, meet Glenn that first night at Ragtime in Atlantic Beach. We used to love this restaurant and found we still love their beers. The little neighborhood looks even better than we remembered. It felt odd to recognize some places and take in all that was new. Tuesday we worked at the public library and then drove by our old house. They had all of our bushes and trees we planted and the house was still the same color. Wow! Later that night we met Glenn at his new apartment and then grabbed a casual meal at Tijuana Flats and tried all their different hot sauces.

Glenn, we hope you continue enjoying Jville, but we sure do miss you down in Ft Lauderdale. Next time we come to Jville, we'll spend more time so we can see more of the rivers and the State Parks there.



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