Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Aaaah, a jacuzzi!! One reason we were so excited to go to Joe & Dot's for Thanksgiving was their jacuzzi. No offense guys, but we have not been in a jacuzzi since leaving home. We had stayed at several RV parks that said they had "spas" but they weren't "real" or didn't work - one place had some jets in a circular section of the pool and said that was a spa (same temperature as the pool); another place had a jacuzzi that was so small we wouldn't have been able to sit in it together; and another place had a fire the night before we arrived and it burned up all of the pool equipment.

Here's our RV in Joe's driveway in New Smyrna Beach. They had such a crowd for the holiday weekend that we even made space for our nephew, Nick, and his fiance, Amy, to sleepover in the RV. Our first sleepover! It was a great weekend - ping pong, bocci, croquet, eating, drinking, hanging out, biking, or whatever. But the surf was a little rough, and whenever I went to the beach, the high tide had the surf up against the buildings and the ramps to the beach.



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