Monday, February 07, 2005

The Start of the 2005 Weblog

Patience my dear Jim, I'm working on it....
I mentioned to several friends that we were working on our new website and new weblog (through and Jim wanted to look at it right away. That's the problem with telling someone you're in the "process" of putting something together...the pressure...check back again and I should have more information and pictures posted soon (I hope!).

During our travels last year our weblog was posted through Earthlink. This worked fine, except the pictures looked 'squashed', and then we started to run low on storage space at the end of the year, and then we began to exceed traffic allowments. So it was time to get a bigger site and/or blog. And here I am trying to get our site and blog ready for this year's travels.

To learn more about us and read about our 2004 Trek Across America, you can go to for our full website.