Saturday, April 02, 2005


The month of March has flown by. Andy's parents came to visit for two weeks, which was wonderful as always. Unfortunately both Andy and his mom came down with a cold, so it was a quiet visit. I still think they enjoyed sitting out on the pool deck soaking in the sun, versus spending that time in the freezing, damp coldness of PA! We were very happy that they got to come stay at the house one last time. Future visits in the condo will be different, but I know Mom will love the shopping on Las Olas.

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Mid-month we found out the closing on the condo was delayed again (to early April), and the closing on the house was delayed to early April as well, so we decided to make a last-minute flight home to Phila so I could help my mom with her moving plans. I'm starting to get confused here with who is moving where and who's realtor I'm speaking to! Ha! The worst was when I started having nightmares about 'packing' - we have 8 years of 'stuff' and my mom had 38 years of 'stuff' to sort, throw out, giveaway, and pack. Yikes!

And the rest of the month we were busy with packing, picking out carpet, tile, and paint for the condo (the condo is "decorator ready" which means we get to finish it off in our choices of flooring and paint), hiring movers, etc. Now realizing that we weren't going to have the luxury of moving from house to condo, we have to pack for our temporary living quarters (Spirit) and everything else goes to storage.

Latest condo update: new closing date is now for end of April. Ok, so living in the RV for 3 weeks in a campground off of Marina Mile with a waterfront site is now starting to look like a mini-vacation. Now we're just hoping that we can close, complete the work, and get the furniture out of storage within the first 30-days so we don't have to pay for the second month. Cross your fingers!

PS I'll post some pics once I can spend some time learning how to do it!
PPS We're packing up the RV now, so the computer will be taken down soon. Checking emails will now be sporadic - no WIFI at our campground :(. Home phone will be disconnected on April 6th, use our cell phones after that. We won't get a new home phone number until we return from this next RVing adventure.