Tuesday, May 24, 2005

April and May

Busy, busy, busy. We closed on the house April 7th and that went smoothly. While waiting for the closing on the condo (April 27th) we tried to enjoy some of our beautiful surroundings. The campground is in a great location and our site was right on the New River. Unfortunately the drop from the dock to the River was a little steep so we would have to drag our kayaks over to a canal to drop in there instead. It was still about a 3-4' drop at low tide (which it always seemed to be low tide when we went out). Getting in wasn't bad, but trying to pull myself back up onto the dock to get out was fun.

In addition to kayaking, we actually got to go kayak-diving for the first time in 1 1/2 years. The water was a little nippy still (@72 degrees) but the reef was gorgeous. Got out twice on our kayaks for diving. We also took a trip to the Keys to visit and dive with our friends Dick and Geri. We can't tell you how good it felt to get back in the water! I used to be part of the 80/80 club (had to be 80 degrees outside/80 degree water temp) to dive, but I felt like this might be our only oppurtunity this year before leaving in the RV again. Aaah, a little shivering never killed anyone, right? Well, don't worry about Andy - he was snug in his 7mm wetsuit. Now, there's a story about that 7mm I should share. After Andy wore it twice, it was recommended that he that throw it in the washer to clean it (instead of the usual hosing it off or soaking it in the bathtub). Our friends (not to be named for protection) said they did it all the time, no problemo. 7mm wetsuits are quite thicker than your average 3mm however, and Andy's suit came out of the washer with two large gashes cut across it making it look like he was a victim of a shark attack. Oh well, guess we just can't take Dick's advice anymore! Oops! Needless to say, a little Aquaseal worked out fine and Andy continues to dive in a wetsuit normally found only in the northern parts of the country.

See pictures of Key Largo

Once we closed on the condo, things got awfully hectic again. First impressions of the condo? 1200 square feet isn't what you picture in your mind. Ha! It'll be an adjustment, but we're expecting that. The building is only under a TCO (temporary certificate of occupancy) so it's still under construction - dust, contractors, temporary offices, etc. Normally when you move into a new home it's finished off and clean. It took us a couple of days to comprehend the construction zone we have just accepted. But time is of the essence and we want to get our furniture out of storage. So let the craziness begin: tile installers, painting, carpet installers, baseboards, cleaning, window treatments, more cleaning, and more touch-up painting. Cleaning the construction dust every other day gets tiresome, but it is also fascinating to see noticeable changes within our unit and the building on a daily basis. It's all coming together!

We had our furniture delivered on May 12th and were the first people to move-in to the building. It was a little unnerving to be the only ones sleeping in this 32-story building. Since then, I think 4 more units have moved in. Two of which just moved in today. It'll be weird to come back after our trip and actually have neighbors! Let alone carpeting in the hallway, a parking garage we can park in, and all of the other finishing touches. But, we are also relieved that we won't have to live in the middle of the chaos while the other residents are doing their 'decorating' and move-in.

See Pictures of Ft Laud

Ok for now. Hoping we'll have better access to WIFI out in the campgrounds so I can get some pics put up for you. Our estimated departure date is next Tuesday, May 31st. Perhaps we'll catch up with Jim and Chris on their way back into Florida?? Hope so...