Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, honey! I love you!

Here's the funny thing. This morning Andy and I got up, went for a run, went to "work", and did all of the normal things. I picked up our mail,and as usual, I went for the personal stuff and handed Andy the junk mail and bills. As I was beginning to open up a card from his Mom, I stopped and chuckled as I said "Happy Anniversary!". Leave it to Andy's Mom to always remind us it's our anniversary! This was the second year in a row. Aren't we romantic?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We went down to the beach today to go kayak-diving with our club. But we've gotten a little "choosy" about what's acceptable diving conditions. When we see washing-machine chop, we generally decide to sit it out. This is the second time in as many months that we've chosen to stay on the beach. The die-hards go out, the rest of us sit around on the beach enjoying the sun and talk. Either choice is always a fine choice.
Here's our "Commander" Dick heading out. All geared up to go catch himself some lobster.
Woody tried to time his entry into the surf this morning. But the waves wouldn't give him a break.
Andy decided to take his kayak out and surf the waves. It's always more fun when you know you won't lose your expensive dive gear!
Here's the new location for our Kayuba Board Meetings. Not bad, eh? Actually, this was today's board meeting...but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have them all out here on the sand.
Well, we're hoping that we'll be able to get at least one more kayak-dive in before we head out in the RV. I know we shouldn't be so choosy, but I do feel relieved when divers come back and tell me the viz was poor. Then I think I made the right call. But we haven't dove since the beginning of the summer! Yikes!

What a Hoot!

We rented the movie Hoot the other night. You might have heard of it - based on a book by local author, Carl Hiassen; directed by Wil Shriner; and a cast including the likes of Luke Wilson, Jimmy Buffet, and Robert Wagner. A cute, Disneyesque-movie about these kids who save a group of burrowing owls from a developer's bulldozer. We knew it was filmed in Florida, but what we didn't realize was that part of it was filmed right here in downtown Ft Lauderdale....with OUR condo building as a backdrop! We couldn't believe it! In one scene you can actually see our balcony. So, does that mean we're famous?

So, rent the movie and when you get to the scenes where Mr. Evil Muckles is ranting and raving in his office - look out his office window and past the helipad...that's us. Don't forget to wave.

Here's a picture of our condo building. Unfortunately it's back when it was still under construction, but it's the only one I have. It'll give you a good idea, though.

FYI: eventhough this story is fictional, there's some truth to this situation. Several years ago there was an issue with FAU having to move a group of the endangered burrowing owls before building a stadium or something. And just this year, Florida is changing the laws to stop allowing developers to bury gopher tortoises alive in exchange for a small permit fee.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11th

We will remember those that lost their lives, those that risked their lives to protect others, and those that survived.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Train Wreck

There was a train wreck at the airport on the day we flew out to Richmond. Two slow moving trains collided under the overpass to the airport. It occurred shortly before we arrived. One train was loaded with limestone and gravel, the other was carrying double-stacked box cars. Both trains were off the tracks. The double-stacked train had either flipped over on its side with the sides split open and its contents spewed all around or further down the line the train was leaning at a 45 degree angle. The train carrying the limestone was zig-zagged off the track for quite a ways. If this is what could happen with two slow-moving trains, I can't imagine how bad it would've been if they were traveling at a normal speed.

Richmond, VA

We flew to Richmond for another training seminar on options trading. On Thursday after the last day's seminar I noticed in one of the tourist booklets that the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was open that evening. The were offering a special Evening in the Garden for several Thursdays. So we decided to go since we knew we wouldn't have enough time on Friday before our flight out.

We arrived shortly before sunset and hurried through the gardens while there was natural light and saved the Conservatory for last. It was a peaceful place and the Jazz band added the perfect background music to our stroll.

There were lots of flowers to enjoy...

I kept strolling along the lakes and ponds because I just love the reflection of the colors at sunset.

Inside the Conservatory was a small cottage that made me think of the thatched-roof cottages in Ireland or something out of a fairy tale. They had a running train set, and another wing was filled with orchids of all varieties.

It was a great way to spend an evening. We were so lucky to come across that guide book that informed us of this infrequent evening special. The conservatory, itself, was beautiful at night the way it was lit up and it could be seen from most places throughout the garden.

Friday we had a few hours to tour downtown Richmond. We tried to visit the State Capitol building but it was closed for major renovations. But across the street was this old gothic building. It was the old City Hall.
Here's a peek inside the lobby. It's currently an office building, and although you were allowed to go into the lobby, they didn't want visitors touring the rest of the building.

Between the streets of downtown and the James River lies a manmade canal system. The river is not easily traversed because of the large rocks...not to mention the remains of several bridges that were blown up during the Civil War. But once the railway was put in, the canal was no longer needed. Richmond is one of the few areas that preserved these old canals.
As we were standing on a section of the old bridge remnants over the James River, a train passed overhead...literally.
Then we visited the Tredegar Iron Works - which is part of the Richmond National Battlefield Park (NPS). There are several sections of this Nat'l Park scattered around Richmond and outlying areas. We only had time for the old Iron Works. This is where they made artillery and ammunition and met other wartime needs.
The Civil War has always amazed me due to the numbers of civilians who died and all of the stories that you read of neighbors fighting eachother, or even brothers fighting one another. This poem was just one of many that touched me.

There was much more to see. A lot of Civil War history here in Richmond. We were happy to have these few hours to tour what we could, but it would've been nice to have spent a little more time.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Last Rendezvous

We had our last rendezvous at The Rendezvous. It was a rainy day and the condensation on my lens created the dreamy quality to our picture. Which seems quite appropriate. Our friend Glenn got a job transfer to Jacksonville, FL and his departure still seems unreal.

We started to think he took the transfer because we moved within two blocks of where he worked...did we chase you away Glennuba? We could see Glenn's office from our patio, and he was on the 17th floor, too. Well, if we did, you didn't run far enough...because we're coming to see you! We've already threatened Glenn that we'll drive through J-Ville on our way out of the state. We need to make sure he's getting settled in our old home town...and he even moved onto our old street...small world, huh?

We miss you already buddy. But plan on Mt Dora's Bike Festival in October and a visit from us.