Tuesday, April 17, 2007

St Francisville, LA - Clark Creek

Greg, the owner of Green Acres Campground, recommended that we go hike Clark Creek Natural Area. What? Waterfalls in Louisiana? Well, actually, Clark Creek is in Pond, MS just over the state line. But either way, we were surprised to hear about waterfalls in this region. And Clark Creek boasts 50 waterfalls varying from 10-30'. Ok, not so tall, but the five we saw were unique and hiking down Clark Creek itself was beautiful. This area was surprising hilly, giving our quads the first good workout on hills. We started with Waterfall #3, then hiked down the creek itself to see two more before returning to the trail and visiting two others. The creek was quite shallow on our visit and with its big boulders and sand bars we were able to stay pretty dry. We weren't expecting challenging terrain, so didn't wear our hiking boots.

Here are just two of the waterfalls we visited:

And this was just the first of three butterflies I'd get to land on me in two days.

We could've spent a lot more time in here hiking the trails, or the creek, but we had wanted to do one more touristy thing that day. And we had to make some tough choices: the Angola Prison Museum or Rosedown Plantation or go mountain biking on Old Tunica Road???? Big decisions...


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